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The Future of Sex

Will future sex even involve other people? Or will human sexuality continue to drift toward interaction with virtual partners? Read More

Fermi's paradox

I think we just solved the greatest mystery in science. The eerie silence from the stars, the apparent absence of alien civilizations. Where is everybody? In their virtual worlds, with their sexy virtual mates, lost in eternal virtual ecstasy.
A realistic virtual world that engages all the senses will be the last invention ever conceived off.

Sex in the future

I agree, more sex will be with machines and dolls, and I think more fantasies will be played out than at present. In particular I hope that incest play and boy on boy relief will become more common, because there seems to be a lot of frustrated desire for both.

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It may happen that in future people will use virtual sex machine but this will create problem in humanity Virtual Reality Porn,Oculus Rift Porn, Oculus Rift XXX


i don't see why the whole machines and virtual reality future would be a bad thing. all that actually sounds like some pretty good ideas to me.

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Will future sex even involve other people?I think it may happen Or will human sexuality continue to drift toward interaction with virtual partners like machine, Doll which science will allow but problem in humanity iron man ,iron man fans, iron man collectables

Everything we encounter is natural

I don't see a problem one bit with any of the future developments. This is nature at work, evolution.

As long as everyone is happy overall, why not?

These possibilities wouldn't even emerge and improve if there wasn't a "need" for it.

Luddite wha, wha...


Just another Leftie-Luddite (same as the righty-Luddites, BTW), whining about how the World isn't one big Hippy-mash and hoping for an Apocalypse to set us back to the stone age where they will be comfortable.

Relationships suck, people disappoint and hurt, love is just a bio-chemical reaction, sex is just a sales tool for women and corporations...

...So, what are we really losing?

The fact is that we have everything to gain, I'd rather be loved and pleasured by a perfect machine than the mean spirited, selfish, mentally defective women of "reality".


The future of sex is

The future of sex is emotionless, and that has arguments already in our current lives filled with commuting, porn and casual sex.

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