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TED 2013

Is TED the best schmoozefest in the world?

I'm sorry for not updating this blog more often. I've been immersed in various things—all very interesting, but quite time-absorbing. I've been pitching a possible TV show, which is going quite well, despite my skepticism about all things television. Once we've got some concrete agreements, I'll announce them here. I've also been producing a podcast called Tangentially Speaking (because Undisciplined Meandering Conversations seemed too honest). I've had some amazing guests so far, some famous, some not, but all very interesting folks (e.g., Dr. Andrew Weil, NPR's Peter Sagal, a psychotherapist/dominatrix, Neil Strauss (best-selling author of The Game...). You can find the podcast on iTunes or at my new web site

Right now, I'm at TED 2013, which has got to be one of the best networking opportunities on the planet. I spent ten minutes chatting with Peter Gabriel yesterday. I fear I may have insulted him when I tried to compliment him on being so "normal." I swear I meant it in the best possible way, but who wants to be told they're normal? I'll try not to make that mistake again! I'll be giving my talk on Thursday.

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