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"I Hate Fags!" = "I Hate Myself (Cause I'm afraid I'm gay.)"

It sure seems like many of the most prominent voices making stridently judgmental declarations about the evils of homosexuality soon turn up in a wide stance in a bathroom stall somewhere. Read More

more labeling by the homosexual activists

Sheesh. What a pile of b.s. propaganda-labeling your blog post is. People can't stand homos because their behavior is repulsive and disgusting. But if the homo-gestapo label them, they might be embarrassed into not being disgusted and repulsed by homos. Or at least silenced, right buddy? 35 years of the homosexual agenda, and the tactics remain the same.

HAHA, this is so ridiculous,

HAHA, this is so ridiculous, only a gay could be this stupid. Gays are disgusting and I can't believe that a man could do sexual acts with another man by his own will. Anyone who does engage in homosexual behavior and lets me know about it will cause me to say "I hate fags!". Also, anyone who engages in pedophilia and lets me know about it will get the same hatred. So should the equation "I hate fags=I hate myself(cause I'm gay myself)" also be applied to pedophilia? Why not? This blog post is nothing but a gay flirt with straight men, YUCK!


1. I think it is safe to say the previous 2 commenters have serious issues, gay or not :-)

2. There was a study that found that men who were the most anti-gay were the most aroused (measured in penis width) by gay male porn (but not straight porn). It totally fits with these ideas.

It is total Frued reaction formation, but there is evidence to support it beyond anecdotes.

one more thing

If I was making a parody mocking people who are stereotypically anti-gay morons, I could not do better than these 2 commenters did on their own. I can't believe people like this exist; they don't even realize how stupid they sound probably.

my thoughts exactly!

At first, I suspected they might be joking, but I'm afraid not...

In any case, interesting how often "disgust" comes up in homophobia, yet nobody seems interested in outlawing other "disgusting" behaviors (e.g., eating hot dogs, mixing red wine with chocolate, British cuisine in general).

British cuisine

Oi, how dare you suggest British cuisine is disgusting!

But comparing homosexuality

But comparing homosexuality to eating a disgusting food is a false analogy because it involves the misuse of human sexuality apart from the way it is physiologically designed.

It's about as natural and healthy as smoking, which is another misuse of the human body.

If any objective person looks at the intrinsic consequences of homosexual sex, there is no way to call it healthy unless you are an ostrich.

I agree with the first

I agree with the first comment. Queers don't like being told what they are, but they toss "hater" and "bigot" and "homophobe" around like confetti at a gay arrogance parade. I never used to think it was an agenda until they went after the kids in grade school. That was a real eye opener.

I can't believe this...

They have gay parades because they are being oppressed and are celebrating and protesting at the same time! I seriously don't understand why anyone else cares about what another consenting couple does in the privacy of their own home. It's just not logical to me why people feel they have to make other peoples business their own personal business. People need to stop playing the "moral police" and worry about real crimes against humanity. You say you don't like them "throwing it around or in your face," well, don't f***ing oppress them and they wouldn't have to! Is anyone complaining about you throwing around your heterosexual relations? There is NO CRIME BEING COMMITTED as is with pedophilia. Those two aren't even remotely comparable. This is something between two consenting adults. It makes you uncomfortable? Get over it. It's none of your business. It amazes me that in this era we still have this sort of ignorant discrimination going on.

The problem is...

...I am almost just as scared of a women who is chasing me than a guy who is. Except most of the time the guy is physically stronger than me. So am I very scared of him because he wants to insert his penis into my anus. It's frightening. I don't hate them, but I am scared of them. I am homophobic.

Ridiculous theory! Gay's are the new "witch hunters"

@Nathan Heflick The problem with any study is that they (researchers with a theory to prove) are in control of the data that they collect, and it's no big surprise that their "studies" corroborate their theories. How else will they continue to receive funding should they be found to be barking up the wrong tree? If you think these learned individuals are above that, think again! I also seem to remember in mathematics classes, our teachers would often sneer at studies regarding samples and percentages, citing that you can "prove" or disprove just about anything you want by the methods of handling data. It's all propaganda in the end.

I also agree with the guy, I agree with the first. Gay people hate to be defined, but they have no problem trying to label other people with their own afflictions. Which goes to show you that they, themselves are not comfortable with themselves as they regard their skewed sexuality as the worst insult they can fling at an enemy. It all smacks of the same tactics employed during the Salem witch trials.

I am gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am. All of you are insane!!!

@ sickofit

Of course - because straight people never have anal intercourse. *rolling my eyes*

Homophobes, racists, Nazis - it's all the same crap. If stupidity would hurt this world would be ascream (so to speak) so loudly it could be heard in the next solar system.
I call that willful ignorance - there ain't no other way to stay that ignorant amidst today's abundance of information.

pro 8

they passed laws against themselves.


"I hate people who hate fags" = "I hate myself (Because I know homo-sex is a repulsive, immoral behavior against which the bad conscience of all homos perpetually screams, and so I feel compelled to silence anyone I fear might undercut the facile rationalizations by which I attempt to avoid this fact, in pursuit of my depraved addiction).

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