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Introverts and Influence: A Dynamic Duo

Introverts and influence aren’t two words that you normally think of in the same blink. Yet, Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph.D., in her book Quiet Influence, turns that misconception on its head. What can you learn about influencing others without necessarily even making a peep? Check out the exchange I had with Kahnweiler on Twitter. Read More

Some feedback

I thought that interview was hard to stay engaged with. I guess I didn't get that the actual interview was conducted on Twitter, until I went back and re-read the introduction. I just kept wondering: what is going on with this interview?--it's choppy and sounds like a commercial on TV.

I hope this isnt the wave of the future. I am an introvert and this style did not appeal to me at all. Perhaps the format was appealing to the interviewer and subject, but you should remember that the point of a published piece is to engage the reader.

Twitter for introverts

I appreciate your comment. I can see how you might want more depth vs. breadth on this topic. I do appreciate Nancy taking a different approach by surfacing some key ideas about introverts and influence. I see Twitter as one way to start the discussion and then continue it by reading, research or more focused conversations with others. Feel free to follow up with either of us for that. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

I Agree!

I agree with the comment. In fact, I found myself skimming the article because all the "catch-phrases" and unconnected statements were making me dizzy.

It reminded me of monthly meetings I attend with a lot of extroverts, where they all talk at once and flit from one idea to the next without ever developing anything beyond the first fragmentary statement. I have learned to raise my hand and ask them to stop talking for a moment so I can go back to something someone said a few minutes ago that I wanted to comment on. Fortunately, they're all lovely people who seem to value what I have to say when I remind them to give me a chance to think it through and then say it. In fact, I've noticed they often feel really bad when they realize that they have interrupted me in the middle of a sentence (which happens constantly - poor things, they can't help it).

But this method doesn't seem to work with Twitter!

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