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July 4th Tales: Focus on Veterans' Needs

Despite the common statement that those who fought in America's wars have defended our freedom, veterans receive far too little assistance, yet there are simple, concrete steps every citizen can take to help. The story of how one remarkable World War II veteran has been treated illustrates the appalling neglect of so many. Read More

I don't even personally know

I don't even personally know any veterans, and I find this topic deeply troubling. It's bad enough that the government makes all these promises and sends them into danger, but then to bring them home and pretend they don't exist is just unconscionable. They deserve to have the necessary care provided to them at the expense of the people they protect: all taxpayers. How is it we can afford to provide billions to Africa for "energy generation", but we "can't afford" our veterans' health care? How can we afford millions upon millions of dollars for the first family's numerous vacations, but we can't afford PTSD treatment for the people who protect us? There aren't any civil words to describe it. They're ever so important when signing on, but let them suffer injury, and they're tossed out and forgotten the next day.

Fly on the Wall's comment

I am so glad that, even though you don't personally know any veterans, you grasped the point of my essay and are so concerned. Please help spread the word. But I also hope you will read some of my earlier essays here and see why I urge people to use the terms "war trauma" and "rape trauma," for instance, rather than the psychiatric label that is "PTSD." Thank you for writing.

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