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Alert to readers of this blog -- about comments left by readers

Alert to readers of this blog -- about comments left by readers

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The Psychology Today site has been plagued by some technical problems recently, and when I tried to reply to a couple of recent comments just now, I got a message saying each had been deleted.

I think open debate is good and important, as long as it is not hate speech and as long as people are (1) describing their own, personal experiences; (2) raising interesting questions; or (3) backing up claims with solid evidence from well-done studies IF their claims are of the kind that could easily be used in hurtful ways.

I do not simply go about deleting comments because I disagree.

I will periodically respond to readers' comments with comments of my own or in subsequent essays if either they do not stand on their own and require no further comment or if they remind me of something more I would like to say.


Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D., a clinical and research psychologist, is an Associate at Harvard University's DuBois Institute and former Fellow in Harvard Kennedy School's Women and Public Policy Program. more...

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