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10,000 2-3 Year Old Toddlers Are on Stimulant Drugs for ADHD

How crazy is it to drug babies? About 10,000 2-year-old and 3-year-old toddlers are being inappropriately subjected to stimulant drugs for carelessly diagnosed ADHD. Who knows how much damage will be done to them? Read More

Coping Mechanisms and Intensity labeled as "Disorders"

The eminent Australian Psychologist and Author, Dr. Dorothy Rowe said that there is no such thing as psychiatric disorder (unless biologically based), that there is no such thing as ADD, ADHD, ODD, etc., that bright imaginative, exhuberant, intense, talented, gifted, etc. children are routinely misdiagnosed as having "disorders", when instead they are merely being naturally exhuberant, boys being boys, being bored, under-stimulated and under-challenged in schools (schools only cater for 40% - the other 60% being too diverse)and that the "diagnoses" are based on the perceptions of intolerant, ignorant and incapable adults.

Numerous gifted children are misdiagnosed as having ADD, ADHD, ODD,etc. and numerous are wrongly put into remedial classes in schools. Gifted children are essentially "special needs" and are described so under the education acts. However, very few gifted children and adults are properly diagnosed - many such adults being wrongly diagnosed as Bi-polar.

The effect of not being diagnosed properly and or of being midiagnosed is detrimental to the patient - making the situation much worse - resulting in "over-reactions" to emotion. But the reactions are not "over-reactions" they are alarm bells - and instead of investigating the 'fire' the 'fire alarm bells' are silenced with medication

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Allen Frances, M.D., was chair of the DSM-IV Task Force and is currently professor emeritus at Duke.


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