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Treat the Classroom, Not the Kids

To reduce classroom chaos, normally active kids are mislabelled as having ADHD and treated with medication. The money wasted on inappropriate drugs would be better spent on smaller classrooms and more physical education. Read More


I have been a teacher for twenty-three years and I'm a mom of a nine year child.

1. I do not take my child anywhere if he has to sit or be too restricted for a long period.

2. I just cancelled a appt. at a new dentist because they wanted us there for for 2 hours.

I am saying this because I give my kindergarten students a lot of time in class to move around. I understand they are full of energy and can not sit still for very long.

I also make it a point to not keep them in at play time (recess and lunch) if they break rules.

But as a teacher we are under a lot of pressure to use every minute as having the children in their seats and learning.

The school system only concern about test scores.

I remember our beloved astronaut Sally Ride, appearing in a commercial in the 90's, explaining how PLAY for children was important.

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Allen Frances, M.D., was chair of the DSM-IV Task Force and is currently professor emeritus at Duke.


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