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Holding Psychiatry to a Much Higher Ethical Standard

The Chair of the DSM 5 Task Force had a serious undisclosed financial conflict of interest that is being whitewashed by the American Psychiatric Association. Read More

Multiple Nondisclosures

In the memorandum from APA Speaker Dr. Mindy Young, it’s clear that the APA doesn’t yet understand the recurrent nature of Dr. Kupfer’s nondisclosures. This is not a one-off slip-up in the November 2012 issue of JAMA Psychiatry (Archives of General Psychiatry back then). Dr. Nardo’s Timeline makes clear there have been 4 instances of nondisclosure (items 13, 15, 16, 19). In 2 of these, Dr. Kupfer was representing the APA and the DSM-5 effort at the time!

A practical joke on survivors of psychiatric abuse

I find this fabricated outrage quite comical.

And since I like humor a lot, I would illustrate the issue with a joke about San Francisco that was very popular among conservatives years ago. I do not find the internet reference, so it must have lost some popularity. I have to retell it using my own words, which might not be as funny.

The joke was something like this. It talked about a party attended by the mayor and the San Francisco elite. The party was full of the usual negatives about San Francisco that have become anathema in the conservative consciousness: wild alcohol consumption, heavy illegal drug usage (cocaine, crack, heroin, etc), sessions of group sex, old gay men having sex with minors, etc. Suddenly the mayor decides to pull a stunt in the middle of the room with a dominatrix and a bottle of Vodka with everybody watching. The mayor is unlucky and the bottle falls to the floor where it is left for the remaining of the party.

The next day, the San Francisco Chronicle, upon learning about the party, decides to take the story to its front page in a responsible exercise of investigative journalism. The headline “San Franciscans express outrage that their mayor doesn’t recycle bottles of Vodka in his parties”.

It must be an “insider thing”, but seriously worrying about this when people are dying everyday of the effects of the drugs that you psychiatrists prescribe to treat psychiatry’s invented diseases seems like a cruel practical joke on survivors of abuse that only psychiatrists can understand.

Looks like somebody didn't like the San Francisco joke


I'll say it without the joke. This is a manufactured outrage by Dr Carroll that has been echoed by Mickey Nardo and now Allen Frances.

What the joke was meant to say is that when you have a discipline that deals with invented diseases that have not been shown to correspond to anything real - "bullshit" as Allen Frances called them-, that actively promotes drugging to "treat" those invented diseases and that it is unapologetic about its right to impose its vision of the human experience based on said diseases using the force of government if necessary, to worry about this is really a bad practical joke on those who have been victim of this draconian situation.

For somebody like yours truly, who suffered the effects of coercive psychiatry, whether Allen Frances gets the royalties vs David Kupfer when it comes to the version of the DSM in force or whether Dr Carroll gets the credit (vs again Kupfer) is totally irrelevant. The larger issues are different. I see this as a distraction meant to take the debate to a place that avoids those big issues.

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Allen Frances, M.D., was chair of the DSM-IV Task Force and is currently professor emeritus at Duke.


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