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How to shed mental health labels and create personal meaning

Sudden Anxiety Syndrome

Why wanton diagnosing and the illegitimate creation of new diagnostic labels should end. Read More

Don't let labels define you!

We tend to let labels prescribe our symptoms. Recently, one of my life coach instructors shared the story of how he was told he had ADHD during a busy semester at medical school. And so he manifested the symptoms of ADHD only to find out a couple weeks later that he was simply stressed out due to a busy schedule of classes and work.

When the brain accepts a label, it seeks to find proof that the label is true. Humans are wired to seek answers to questions. It's how we survive and evolve. But sometimes the answers we find are what we perceive to be true (e.g. part of truth) and not the total truth.

If you must create labels, create ones that empower you.

One of my clients had dyslexia as a child. She carried it as a crutch into her adulthood. I helped her realize that the dyslexia had enabled her to solve problems in a more intricate manner. That ability became her strength.

When it comes to labels ... always, always ... choose wisely.

Problems Should Be Solved In One Fell Swoop

Organic causes should first be eliminated. After that,
ALL causes are emotional.
A person feels threatened. The person feels this way
because they fear the unknown. But the unknown cannot be
known. So one has to face it.
9 times out of 10, they will discover what they feared was
a ghost.

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