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What's Up With Online Therapy and Marriage Counseling?

Is web-based therapy the way of the future? And is the future already here now? Read More

Comments on "What's Up With Online Therapy and Marriage Counseling?" | Psychology Today

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It's a bit concerning for me that less trained individuals are offering such online services rather than directing folks to better trained professionals.

I certainly hope that some laws are considered and incorporated to help professionals reach out to individuals who would otherwise not be within their locality of practice.

Do you think this issue of under trained therapists poses a potential concern enough that we should be raising awareness?
Or is it a problem that there does not seem to be a consistent standard of what qualified training is?

A very real issue...

You raise a very real issue Nina. I'm not sure who gets to hang their shingle up on the web. On the one hand, the same licensing rules should apply there as apply to in-person treatment. On the other hand, I have no idea how well the web gets policed.

The other related issue is the spread of "coaching." Coaching does seems to help people, and at the same time coaches have iffy training when it comes to recognizing and treating psychopathology. On the web these boundaries get all the more fuzzy.

So thank you for launching the project of "raising awareness!"

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