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A Marriage Therapist's View Of Our Dysfunctional Government

Our government leaders' animosities toward each other could be steering us toward national disaster. From a family therapist’s perspective, what they need to change is simple and clear. And it's not about the money. Read More

Good reminder

Good reminder that we and our government are all people with their emotions and mind sets. I hope the politicians read this post.

All I can say...... Amen sister!

Warmest thanks

To Lizzie and Haxnbauer, warmest thanks for your validation.

Some marriages just aren't meant to last.

I'm surprised you didn't make the conceptual leap to making them a lesbian couple, because these are often among the most verbally and emotionally abusive ones, where things devolve to pretty constant jabbing and bickering. And, well, because it's such an apt analogy on so many counts.

Way back when, the Righteous Brothers sang "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling". Once it goes it ain't coming back - you can't turn a pickle back into a cucumber - no matter the various claims and ministrations of counselors et al.

But I liked the idea of a two-hour episode of "Dr. Phil Goes to Washington" for this Disneyland Democracy.

"Unhappy parents are a child's burden." - Judith Wallerstein

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