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A Big Family: Does Number of Sibs Impact Divorce Risk?

A recent study suggests an interesting relationship between the size of the family a child grows up within and the likelihood that in adulthood that child will end up divorced. Read More

Great Article

It would be interesting to see if the order of children has any impact on divorce rate.


I do recall an article once suggesting that first children do best marrying first children, middles do best with middles, and the youngest with other youngest kids. On the other hand, the relationship is probably fairly light, with other factors being strong.

Meanwhile thank you Steven for writing in. I'm glad you liked the article.

Not so sure...

I and a lot of my friends grew up in large families (3-5 kids per family) and not 1 of them has had their parents divorce/separate...maybe we're the exception to the rule :-)

actually, you are examples of the rule...

Couples with lots of kids may well be more family oriented. I sure hope so, as my husband and I had four kids, and each of them has 3 to 5.....

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