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Are You Falling Out of Love? A Quiz on 10 Warning Signs

Falling out of love has become the number one cause listed for divorce, at least according to a study in England. It's trumping even affairs and abuse in terms of frequency. The good news is that falling out of love is something you can prevent. How? Read More


I don't see how flirting carries the same weight as NOT believing your partner is a good person deep down.

Also your article contains multiple spelling errors.


Flirting for some is a minor problem. For other partners it totally corrodes trust and generates anger.

Thanks for the heads up on typos. I have checked those out and fixed all I found. If anyone finds more, which is likely, I'm open to hearing about them.

Thanks LR for sharing your reactions,


general comments on your test.

I found the test to be EXCELLENT! Typos, who cares! I don't!!!!! Let's stay focused on the reason for the quiz people!
The quiz was very insightful and gave solutions for problems! Yay!
Even though my husband's answers indicated more satisfaction in our 13 year marriage than me, I am extremely hopeful at your suggestions and we are going to work on these at our own pace. Thank you very much for the Quiz. Just for kicks and giggles, I think you should make it your trademark to misspell at least ONE word. LOL. Thank you again.

Thank you, thank you!

First, I appreciate very much the positive feedback on this quiz's helpfulness for you and your spouse.

Second, I love your idea of making typos a trademark: maybe I'll start adding a note at the bottom of each blogpost that anyone who is first to tell me about a typo gets a free copy of my book The Power of Two.

Warmest thanks for your comments--

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