Replacement Child

A family comes to terms with its haunting past.

Judy Mandel is a writer based in Connecticut. She is the author of the memoir Replacement Child.


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About Replacement Child

A plane crash, a critically burned two-year-old and the death of a child leave a hole in a family that threatens to tear it apart. In a great act of hope, the parents give birth to a "replacement child," born to heal wounds and provide a "salve for the burns." The child unwittingly plays her role throughout childhood, riding the hidden currents of the family tragedy. In this powerful story, Judy Mandel discovers the truth that forces her to confront the complex layers of her relationships with her father, mother, and sister. When she has her own child, her epiphany comes full circle.

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Let It Go!

It can take a radical reboot to get past old hurts and injustices.

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