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Intimate-Conflict Debriefing - Disabling Your Disagreements

Intimate-conflict debriefing is the most successful way to analyze a conflict towards improving its potential resolution the next time it happens. Most couples rehash, instead, and only deepen their frustration and their battle scars. This article describes a simple set of skills that will change the relationship game Read More

This is a great outline for

This is a great outline for dealing with conflicts. Many couples do the mistake of running their relationship on autopilot. Dr. Randi's outline focuses on how you can use conflict to grow your relationship instead of creating distance. So you and your partner as a team fight against the problem, instead of you fighting against your partner.

Some of the points also remind me of how you can use what you do in your workplace to your advantage. In your workplace, before you schedule a meeting you usually prepare an agenda for the meeting that consists of what the purpose of the meeting is, what will be discussed and the specific role each member will play to tackle the issue. Then you also have smart goals that focus on what you are suppose to work on specific goals for the coming year whether it is taking more courses in your area of expertise or improving your presentation skills etc.

I wonder if we are doing such things in our workplace to advance our careers, why don't we do similar things to make our relationships better.

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Randi Gunther, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and marriage counselor practicing in Southern California.


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