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The Link Between Violence and Substance Abuse

Alcohol and Drugs often contribute to senseless acts of violence.

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Ever wonder why man at times can be so inhumane to his fellow brothers and sisters? Throughout history, we have seen random acts of violence: war, domestic violence, rape, street crimes, turning over cars after a sporting event along with looting and burning, cruelty to animals, shootings, stabbing, robberies of many sorts. You know the one thing (and this is a fact) that can be common to all of these senseless acts - alcohol and drugs. I didn't say they always are - but sadly they are often the one contributing factor that is common to destructive acts - how horrible! In the year 2009, given all the violence in our world, shouldn't we find more funds for addiction treatment?




Harris Stratyner, Ph.D., CASAC, is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine; he is also with Caron Treatment Centers.


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