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Is Grain the Cause of Obesity?

Being gluten-free is an increasing phenomenon in America. Books blame gluten for everything from brain fog to obesity. What's really going on? Is a life without gluten-containing grains better for our health? Read More

The average person eats 500

The average person eats 500 more calories today than in the 1970's. Thats why we are over weight. Blaming something like gluten or carbs, or whatever makes people feel better about the fact they just eat to much. Lots of things are to blame for this over eating, but the buck stops at the consumer.

Eat less, lose weight, expect to be hungry while doing it, your body has to "starve" to get back to a healthy weight.

I can see I was taken in by the no-carbs myth.

Thanks so much for this sensible article. I'm going to head today to the healthy bread store, freeze a batch to keep them on hand, and enjoy at least a slice of toast again with my morning egg and a half slice of bread with lunch.

fellow blogger, S. Heitler

The three grains you suggested at glue free

You suggested brown rice, oatmeal and quinoa. All are gluten free (certain oats only).

I have celiac disease and I must admit I cringe when I read articles like this that attack the "gluten free fad". I cringe because it makes it very difficult on us who have celiac disease because you put "gluten free" and "fad" in the same sentence. I know you don't intend it but you are making an association in the minds of many people about gluten and fad. Seems like I read an article like this every month or two. Another attack on the gluten free "fad" with a cursory mention of celiac disease....."unless you are 1 in 133".

I hope you see my point. 90 percent of the gluten containing foods are bad for everyone. Maybe if you go buy whole wheat groats you may get healthy gluten.

I guess I fundamentally disagree with you doctor. Next time you are in the store pick up 20 items randomly that contain gluten. I bet none of them are healthy. Now stay on the perimeter of the grocery and shop. You won't find much gluten but you will find a ton of nutritional choices.

So many people are unaware and articles like this just make the association between gluten and fad. So now when I go to a restaurant I have to worry about the chef taking me serious. If he thinks it's a find then he thinks a little gluten can't hurt....right.

I cannot think of another disease where doctors and nutritionist make folks with a disease swim up hill.

I know you meant well but I know the world I live in and I feel the need to express this.

Gluten free currently though

Gluten free currently though is just that, a fad, and one that most people I've met with celiac disease welcome since its greatly increased their food choices.

As for "gluten" not being healthy, thats just silly. There are no real healthy foods per say, just healthy eating. You can eat a piece of cake every day and have that part of a healthy diet. Its about your proteins, fats, and carbs mostly. Generally when people talk about healthy foods they don't really know the basics of nutrition.

I had gluten today, it was healthy for me. I will have it tomorrow as well and it will be healthy. The reason is that I monitor my intake, keep my calories low, and make sure I get enough of the macros (plus micros). Only eating gluten is unhealthy, but so what? You can look at labels of foods containing fat and claim its 90% "unhealthy" too.

don't miss the point

The suggestion in the article is about choosing a variety of whole grains including quinoa, oats and rice rather than just relying on products containing gluten.

The article specifically stated that those with Celiac disease are in a different category than the numerous individuals who decide (without testing) that they have a problem with gluten.

Obviously for those with Celiac, gluten free is life-saving and not a fad. So be careful not to miss the point of the article which is NOT addressed to people like you who have a valid reason to be gluten free.

I agree with you that most of what we should be eating is at the perimeter of the grocery store. The further point of the blog was to encourage people to eat food in its natural state rather than relying on processed foods.

It's not about whether it's a fad

The point of my blog was to say that there is NO one size fits all way to eat whether it be low fat, gluten free, or ?.
It is true that we have become too reliant on gluten products in America and should broaden our horizons beyond eating bread to eating whole grains in their natural state.
I don't think it's necessary to take a position one way or the other about whether gluten is "bad" or good. That's the problem we have in our country that we demonize foods and food constituents without having research to back it up.

It's important to notice the effect of any food you eat on YOUR body….not just listen to people who are selling books.

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