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Pamela Anderson Reveals Childhood Abuse

Pamela Anderson reveals childhood sexual abuse. Read More

Anyone Would Want Her

Pam Anderson is worth her weight in gold. She is the
type of woman, ANY man would kill for.

No, not ANY man

ANY man? I don't think so. Men have different tastes, and some would prefer a different look -- and I assume you are only talking about looks as I doubt you personally know her. Not to mention that many other qualities actually matter to some men.

As for your statement "ANY man would kill for her", I can blow it out of the water with the simple observation that many men are gay.

I'm never surprised

I've known about the 1-in-4 statistic for some time, so I'm never surprised to hear that a woman was sexually abused. I also know that success, fame, etc. are not indications to the contrary. And I also suspect that just as some people wait a long time to talk about it, some live with it and never discuss it at all.

She's definitely telling the truth

Pam Anderson is to be commended for telling the truh.

After all, what possible reason could a washed up, over the hill, largely forgotten former sex symbol have for lying? She has absolutely no need for the spotlight, no desire for attention.

This sort of revelation is liable to get her on TMZ, on "Entertainment Tonight," on sleazy daytime talk shows. DO you really think she wants that kind of attention?

Do you think a woman who's spent her whole career taking her clothes off WANTS to talk about her sex life on national television? That would be beneath her.

Pam Anderson is a serious actress. Reveleations like this can only get her negative attention. You think she wants to get offers to do creepy reality TV shows or commercials for internet chat rooms? Hardly.

She must be telling the truth, because a classy lady like Pam would never humiliate herself publicly otherwise.


Hello, Dr. Dale! Long time, no talk....

When I was modeling most of my fellow models were abused and most, sexually. Almost everyone. Percentagewise, in the 90%... People need to report it. It happens so much.

You are weak to report it as it makes you feel dirty and you want to put the horror behind you. A dirty secret you want to forget about.

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