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ADHD and Refined Sugar

Can refined sugar trigger ADHD? Read More

I can't help but notice that

I can't help but notice that keeping a log of behavior with and without sugar does nothing to deal with the issue of bias, which you indicated in the article is widely prevalent.

Also, I wonder how much of the issue is simply in the use of the word hyperactivity. The general populace is much less likely to be focused on the difference between the relatively mild burst of energy from a sugar high and actual hyperactivity.

I recently read an article

I recently read an article concerning a study that showed that children are perfectly happy with non-sugary cereal when they have options. When I was reading the article, several concerns rose up. First was the fact that when given a choice, kids would often make healthier choices. The trouble is, more often than not, unhealthy choices are being made for them.

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