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True Detective: Maggie's Deal With The "Devil"

True Detective: Did Maggie sell her soul to the Yellow King? Read More

“The solution was right under

“The solution was right under my nose, but I was paying attention to the wrong clues.”

-Marty Hart

Regarding Maggie's words

When Hart tells Maggie that Cohle didn't do what the policemen are accusing him of, Maggie doesn't reply: "Yes, he did", as written in this text, but "I know he didn't."

Yes, these theories have been

Yes, these theories have been propounded on other Internet sites, far earlier than your bandwagon hopping. You could at least give credit to the earlier proponents of these theories, rather than pretending that you figured it all out yourself.


Where can I find your other men's rights activist pieces, Dr. Archer?

well.. that was a

well.. that was a disappointing ending.

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