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True Detective: The Psychology of Hart And Cohle, Part III

True Detective's Hart and Cohle: Human frailty, fighting for honor, and a chance at redemption. Read More

Blood Wedding

Eternal recurrence. The true horror is the fact there is no one prolific serial killer. Instead there are hundreds of men who may kill once, twice, maybe three times, like Hart takes on mistresses, because of pain and weakness. Then one day, the killer swears off the violence and lives out the rest of his years. This is something most people find difficult, so we imagine insatiable villains, the Hannibal Lectors of our fantasies. The transgressors are like Hart and Colhe who act out of impotence and fear. The detectives go through the procedure, when what they were looking for is looking back at them in the mirror. A Marty blackout or a Rust-protected confidential informant, those are the Yellow Kings we can't un-know. Fin.

This is the best TV show

This is the best TV show since Breaking Bad. I'm very much enjoying your analysis of it. Matthew M is blowing me away with his performance. I'm figuring him for the Oscar tonight. Who knew he had it in him?

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