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Low Zinc Levels Associated With Depression

Can a zinc supplement treat depression? Read More


Hi. Thanks for bringing this study to everyone's attention. However, I'm not sure that 2.2% difference you quote between depressed and control subjects is correct. The study states that the absolute difference between groups was -1.85 ┬Ámol/L with means of about 15 umol/L which would translate into about a 15% difference. I would doubt that a 2.2% difference would be statistically significant and might make readers think that the actual difference is quite small.

My mistake

Thanks Dr. Rettew, you are correct. The difference is 12.3%. That's what happens when a psychiatrist tries to do math! I have corrected the blog.

I'm anorexic and depressed. I

I'm anorexic and depressed. I think I'll talk to my doctor about a zinc supplement.

Zinc Helps. Tips for managing

Wow. Very interesting to see how zinc levels are associated with depression. Taking zinc could help with depression for sure. I have also found it hard to manage my depression. Luckily there are pleaces available to get information online. I have found a site that offers tips, advice, information, videos, clinic locations, hotlines and more.

Learn more tips for treating depression

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