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Mark Berndt: Profile of Perversion

LA teacher molested, bound, gagged, and blindfolded children. Follow the twisted path from Teacher to Pedophile. Read More

Stare at the abyss long enough and the abyss stares back

Which brings up the question: in a digital age, why on earth would he

bring his film to be developed

at a CVS photo lab?

I'll add a juxtaposition to illuminate the synesthesia pattern I detect.

Why on earth would he

bring his semen to be developed

at a school?

Another embedded pattern in the sentence

To be.

Another juxtaposition: Is it to be or not to be?

My armchair quarterback guess: Abreaction

.v. ab·re·act·ed, ab·re·act·ing, ab·re·acts
To release (repressed emotions) by acting out, as in words, behavior, or the imagination, the situation causing the conflict.

The situation causing the conflict is anyone's guess. I'd place my bet on a lack of containment in the world. If it were a movie scene, I would give the villian this title: "Vas Tenemos: Inseminating the future".

Welcome to the unpleasant dark side of creativity. I wonder if he will go for the book deal? Society is sick. Those kids aren't safe. No one is.

Correction: "Vas Temenos" NOT Tenemos

Temenos: The primordial vessel and the mysteries of "9/11"
By George Callan (2002)

Temenos is the sacred container known by the alchemist as the retort or vas hermeticum, by the freemason as the cathedral or rotundus, by the analyst as the consulting room and the transferential relationship itself. Carl Jung viewed the individuation process as an alchemical endeavor in which the analysand, the analyst, and the vessel of their relationship are transformed in the furnace of analysis. In this light, the vessel is both the agent and the object of transmutation.

This dissertation employs a blend of artistic and hermeneutic methodologies. In the tradition of phenomenology, the researcher opens to a hermetic mode of consciousness as a vehicle for bearing witness to the world. She employs psychological, anthropological, philosophical, mythological, religious, literary, architectural, and cosmological theory to probe the question: What makes a container transformational, and how might we partake of its medicine? With the massive breakdown of containment in our world, a strong tincture of imagination must be brought to this psychological enterprise. The researcher dwells inside the inquiry until it yields an empirical response in image, poetry, reverie, memoir, and visual art.

In the individuation of a person, a culture, or a global community, a process of deconstruction, dissociation, and annihilation takes place. The old vessel gives way and familiar notions of containment must be abandoned. This dissertation seeks to encounter "9/11" as an exemplary retort, or vas mirabile .

In the national and global psyche, our pathologies have arisen to inseminate the future. At the heart of this study is the contention that the macrocosm of our plight and our possibility is encoded in the microcosm of every gesture,

artifact, and dream left in the wake of the World Trade Center explosion—and in the individual and collective psyche.

Apophenia pattern match to Wiki term "Projective Identification

'Projective identification is frequently the major suffering of a wounded couple. Each member enacts the most ideal, dreaded, and primitive aspects of the other in a way that drives both partners crazy'. The partners may have been initially chosen 'because of their willingness to carry idealized or devalued parts of the self': unfortunately 'what is projected into and rediscovered in the partner is then treated in the same way as it was treated in the self.

What you cannot stand in yourself, you locate and attack (or nurture) in the other'

In everyday life, it can happen that 'the recipient feels almost kidnapped or coerced into carrying out the unconscious phantasy of the projector' In extreme cases, the recipient can lose any sense of self - 'to become inhuman, a moving bag of skin, with important symbolic messages rattling about inside' - and may find themselves acting out in 'attempts at self-exorcism; the attempt to rid the self of projections or possession'

Good artistic example => The Green Mile Choking and Infecting Scene

I'll be the first to welcome you to Hell and introduce you to viral demons of mimetic contagion. Just gotta love those mirror neurons. Enjoy your visit in Dante's Inferno. It's going to be a hot one!

Faust: I think hell’s a fable.

Mephistopheles: 'Ay, think so still, till experience change thy mind.

Psychosexual sadist

Until child pornography is discovered on his computer or in his house, and with no mention of what type of adult pornography was found (S&M?), I'm going to say this man is predominantly a psychosexual sadist. At his age and given his opportunities for this to go on for decades, I would say whatever he has been doing is about as developed as it's going to get. Generally, serial tendencies are matured by the time someone is about 35 or so, though tweaking the method to avoid detection often continues.

Much more could come out that proves he did perform sex acts with the children, and I'm sure that's what everyone expects will be the logical outcome. But it's also possible that he is walking some sort of line he's drawn in his head as far as what he will and won't do, and/or that, like many sexual predators, he becomes impotent and so he is imposing his semen on them sadistically by lacing the cookies (and lord only knows what he puts in adults' food and drinks.) The big question is whether he is an equal-opportunity psychosexual sadist or whether he specializes in kids. When you see a failed attempt at rape in a serial offender because of impotence, that typically results in violence upon the victim.

Serial offenders who have gotten away with things for a long time often feel they are untouchable, and many are quite cocky and get off on fooling other people, as he clearly gets off on fooling these kids into ingesting his semen. So it's not out of character for him to send his photos off to a lab, thinking he is walking this line and not crossing it and, just as he has gotten away with it so far, he anticipates he will get away with it again. Fortunately, most serial offenders are not nearly as smart as they think they are, and that's how they often get caught, bragging to someone or sending cryptic messages to police, or keeping the newspaper clippings of their own crimes.

If (and this is a big 'if') there are no bodies to be found, no kids who can say he tried to have intercourse with them, this predator may feel he cannot be charged. But of course he is wrong. But then you already knew that.

I wish there is enough room in the prisons, for all perverts to own a lovely cage.

It is still, awful molestation. I am sure, kids are not the only ones he was practising having joy on. A paedophile, is illogical, mentally disturbed, of course the first implies the other. Probably, he wasn’t really hiding, thus took the photos to the printers. Hallucinations, delusions etc, a lot of weird stuff resides inside his mind. If he wasn’t caught today, I am sure he would escalate to do worse actions in the future. So glad he was found! In England there were such cases in the recent years. So the law changed and all teachers, new and old had to provide a clean Criminal Records Bureau form. Which needs to be re-applied for, every 4 years. Very wise, because there is always a time a sick person will ‘come out’. If something is written to their disadvantage on this form, they can’t work in any school ever again. I wish there is enough room in the prisons, for all perverts to own a cage. The whole school students and their parents, should pay him a visit at the prison and spit on him, one by one. Who knows, he might enjoy that too :-)


It just goes to show what I have always said:

We never really know ANYone.

The California Teachers Union

The California Teachers Union defended this filth and saw to it that he was not fired, but rather given a $40,000 "settlement".

This is socialism/liberalism/victocrat mentality at its most perverse.

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