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Michael Moore’s Capitalism, a Love Story

I’m not shy about admitting that I like and even admire Michael Moore. For those of you who made it past that first sentence (this blog has some highly opinionated aficionados who don’t necessarily buy all I write), let me qualify. I do not think for a moment that Roger and MeBowling for ColumbineFahrenheit 9/11Sicko or, for that matter, the current release, Capitalism: a Love Story are documentaries. They are clearly not. I think of them as op-ed pieces, films that blend factual information, anecdotes and silly (but funny!) stunts to make a point, to force people to think by shaking them out of their complacency. And boy does this country need a bit of shaking and a lot more thinking. Read More


So the CEO makes the same as a janitor? Why then would I invest in a costly education, invest in the promotion of a company, and invest in a structure of team leaders that can properly manage company interests? Why would I "invest" in anything if I'll never see a financial gain equivical to my work? This stuff has been tried before. Yes, there are companies that employ people so wrapped up in what they do that money isn't the main motivator and people who are perfectly fine with thier subordinates making the same as them ( each a pivotal cog in company machine), but this is not a realistic mass solution. Most people do not have the luxury of working a job they enjoy let alone one that they enjoy AND is profitable. Pretty soon no one bothers with pursuing good old fashioned hard work because they can just as easily get paid for not working or pretend working. Take a poll and people would rather be given 50 dollars and others only get 25, than be given 100 dollars but others get 125. Its a fact. Yes CEOs are WAY overpaid. Yes the bail-outs were a disaster. But no, Michael Moore doesn't have the answers or even a leg to stand on. Perhaps he should open the gates of his mansion to the film crew and give them equal proceeds to his movie. After -all, his message, his film is really a company of which he's the CEO. So it's his idea, O-well, the movie wouldn't have been made without his trusty camera men. There's nothing quite as hypocritical as a Hollywood that runs on exorbinant wealth and then yells at everyone else to give more. Moore makes his living on Capitalist ideas. Make a big movie and reap millions while others go to dead end jobs in cubicles and how selfish those cubicle workers are thinking they should make any more than the guy who stocks the Coke machine. Shame on those Capitalist pigs!

Roger Moore's Capitalism

Roger Moore is talented and has a role to play in terms of presenting point of views not readily brought forward in the media.

The challenge with Roger Moore, academics, bureaucrats, consultants, policy makers, etc... is that good intentions don't count. Agreeing on the problem is not the same as agreeing on the solution. I work all day long with good intentions translated into policies that look great from the isolation of the academic world but that in real life create as many problems as they solve.

After 20+ years of working in business with unions and governments my experience is that we all equally mostly contribute to the problem rather than toward a solution.

The saving grace is that right/left politics or big business/unions for example balance each others worst excesses most of the time. Unions and the "public service sector" in general are just as unconscious, self destructive and greedy as big business.

So to point the finger at capitalism the way Roger Moore does is only 1/3 the story. A 1/3 heard that needs to be heard but nevertheless a very limited point of view that does not address the whole picture.

great reveal

Michael Moore is known as best documentary director has done great job through movie industry. It was great and of course I am a fan of SICKO. I have huge interest about his movies and I really appreciate him as a normal person and the director. Best of luck.


you are truly an idiot.

you are truly an idiot.


You are an idiot.

"Roger" Moore?

When did James Bond become a documentary film-maker?


Capitalism: ALove Story by Michael Moore

I enjoyed the movie and the facts as presented- I am reading this blog because I want to get the whole picture-suffice to say I think it's sadly true that individuals with vast wealth who then become politicians or part of administrations, have vast influence, not always for the good of all. It's important to have people like Michael Moore, just like we have investigative reporters who seek out the truth. Remember Watergate? I don't know how Michael Moore lives- does he pay his film crew well? Does he practice what he preaches? That's a good point. I want to thank the person who wrote "Do we have a love-hate relationship with capitalism"it makes excellent points- I feel people like Michael Moore are the best americans-they yearn for a America without excessive greed-this is not socialism or communism but the true american spirit as exemplified in Roosevelt's 2nd Bill of Rights that were never implemented.

I agree! We could all use

I agree! We could all use some more entrepreneurial and financial education, after all, our future depends on it. It's not enough to just do your job, in our society we should always aim for more otherwise the risk of financial insecurity is too high. That's how I see things.
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world revolt comming

from Europe......
I see what is happening there - the same hands are on us here.
Roger come to europe....
and make a movie
propaganda makes it's ways through here as well.
I was raised by comunists, looking at the people then and now
believe me socialism or if you would like to call it communis was much better from what is happening now.
until now we have plenty of companies, which are beeing privatised
a lot of phisical money to come forward
to whom....?
we do not know.
in any case capitalism is a desease.
we will all burn in hell for madness consumption when it was good for us,
now there is only consumption on top of the chains and we complain,
I do understand what the movie is saying and I protest,
But I do think that it is our fault, because we could only think about let's say next episode of Star Trek rather than about what is really going on.
Blame you Blame me and all of us.
we are responsible for this shithole and all mess.

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