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Celebrate World Book Day!

Find out what children in over 100 countries are doing to celebrate reading.

It’s World Book Day in the UK and Ireland! Three and a half year old Grace was excited and up early to celebrate. She’s going off to school today as Princess Jasmin! Grace already loves stories and books because Mummy and Dad along with Nenny and Grandad have loved reading and sharing books with her since birth. In addition to reading Grace is learning letter and number recognition in Nursery and she particularly loves The Fairytale Hairdresser series of books about Kitty Lacey as well as any Disney Princess book!


Grace is off to school as Princess Jasmin!
In elementary schools in over 100 countries around the world kids dress up as their favorite storybook characters on World Book Day which is celebrated on different days in some countries due to Easter holidays. What a wonderful way to celebrate stories and books!

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Find out when World Book Day is celebrated in your country. Get ready for the celebration in the US on April 23rd. Here are some great ideas for the celebration:http://www.worldbookday.com/faq/

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J. Richard Gentry, Ph.D., an expert on childhood literacy, reading, and spelling, is the author of Raising Confident Readers: How to Teach Your Child to Read and Write—Baby to Age 7. more...

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