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As the year ends, so many are scrambling to use up those remaining vacation days. Here are five solid reasons to eat them and slave forward. Read More


Life's experiences are too complex to simply state that vacation hours not cashed in equate to unhappy, stressed out people. I'd argue that dedication to one's work is motivated by numerous factors, and not everyone ends up like Bob. If my employer hands out thirty days of paid vacation, but I only cash in twenty of them, does that mean I'm going to be a divorced workaholic with heart disease? I don't think so.

I'm taking all the time off

I'm taking all the time off in the world - I don't have a job! I should be the most productive person out there!

All the time off

Thanks for the comment. Too funny! Hope you were trying to be funny :-). Hey, at least you aren't overworked. No matter what, there's a bright side to every situation. We hope you are finding it in this New Year.

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