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Bacteria and Your Brain

Gut flora, known to be important to digestive health, also plays a role in brain function. Recently published work in animals links the composition of gut flora to behavioral hallmarks of autism while suggesting possible treatments of other neurological disorders with probiotics. Read More


Wakefield was crucified for suggesting vaccines caused these gut issues. Antibiotics have been suspect in creating the imbalance. We have a symbiotic relationship with many bacteria and viruses that BIG PHARMA calls enemies so the can sell product.

RE: Wakefield

Wakefield was found to have committed fraud with the research studies he published, and that is why he was "crucified."

Another person fooled. Big

Another person fooled. Big Pharma thanks you for protecting them with your gullibility.

Are there probiotics

Are there probiotics available that are safe for people with milk allergies?

I've seen casein free. I've

I've seen casein free. I've given them to my vaccine damaged son who has seizures and allergies. Those vaccines are health giving??? Not here their not.

I have read that there tend

I have read that there tend to have greater convolutions and in-foldings in cortex... that presumably influences how autistic people behave. It is questionable bacteria can mitigate the effect of different brain structure.

It certainly is an interesting read though

Huiyi Chen Comment

The question then is why? We are told autism is and isn't inherited. We are told its due to genetic mutation, which means a master plan gone wild. What could cause gene mutation in children by the time they are 2-3 years old? How about vaccine ingredients? Formaldehyde, aluminum, thimerosal, polysorbate 80 all extremely toxic and dangerous. How about foreign DNA? Injection is dangerous and unnatural. It causes anaphylactic response, seizure, death, permanent brain damage. No wonder bacteria get access to the brain, many vac ingredients can access the brain. By bipassing our natural defences vis injection all hell can break loose. Its what vaccine makers call coincidences.

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