Questions of Medical Ethics

Ethical and epistemological quandaries examined

Minnesota Not so Nice on Mental Health

Minnesota offers great physical health, quality substance-abuse treatment centers and mental health research, and basic healthcare coverage for the poor. But we’ve cut off mental health and substance abuse care for those who can’t pay. And we’ve adopted two other trends—commercialized research and drug-testing welfare recipients—with bad results. Do you out-nice us? Read More

Why be obsessed over "nice"?

I don't really care for "nice". I want quality, effectiveness, accountability and results. My state does a pretty good job, but there is always room for improvements. And, we are not guilty of being nice.

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Absolutely Awesome !!! typical america

my country New Zealand had free health care, free psycologist and rehabilation for the poor, people that had nothing could still get the healthcare they always expect.. Then a conservative government backed by USA .. took power within 3 years the greatest upheavel in my country, identical to what is happening in Minnesota..we have rates of depression are climbing, they have cut education .. slashed funding to being psychologist, we lost over 2/3rd of the doctors for next year ..mental health for the rich ..we have homeless people (never never before)

thank god my country has a strong native support and we built our own mental health.. we have our own clinics ..building new rehabilation centres..

As for the USA .. they dont see the big picture, the poor unwashed, they need mental health .. but seriously the richest nation on earth, most advanced technologically race the world has ever seen.. what will happen? what will you do to my country??

I have always expected America to be heartless, a commercial souless, nation that treat people like a commodity , they judge by how much money you have ?? how much you pays tax's, mental health of the first nation or the african just a wasteland..


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Susan C. C. Hawthorne, Ph.D., is an associate professor of philosophy at St. Catherine University.


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