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Karma, Anyone? In Fact: Everyone!

Although early Buddhists didn't know genes from genis, their concept of karma—once divorced from its metaphysical mumbo-jumbo—maps remarkably well upon the modern biological understanding by which living things are precisely the living embodiment of the lives (and deaths) and differential reproduction of their ancestors: their karma! Read More

I Agree!

Yes! I agree that karma is what we create. I would like to add that karma is nothing but how we think and react on the basis of belief system. For example, if the belief system says that drinking is good because it alleviates pain and suffering, the person with such a belief will continue to drink. Although this is how a belief system is formed, the issue is that it is not justified well. For instance, the person should also find out the cons of drinking and match them with pros to believe that drinking is good.

Because of such one-sided weighing, the belief system is imbalanced and unfair. A fair and balanced belief system is the one that take a decision by understanding a particular entity from all view points. This is something that highly developed or spiritually developed people usually show due to which they do not have any hatred or attachment. Well, that's the secret of getting free of the bondage of karma

The ONLY Thing You've Proved...

... is that ANY religion can be perfectly compatible with your scientific beliefs, if you remove 95% of what it's traditional adherents believe in, and completely redefine the other 5%.

Contrary to what you keep asserting, the fundamental tenets of Buddhism are NOT any closer to your world view or any more compatible with your atheism than Catholicism, Islam, Judaism or Flying Spaghetti Monsterism! I could easily make Catholicism compatible with your beliefs if I simply eliminated 95% of Catholicism's core dogmas, and then pretended that God, soul and Resurrection mean completely different things from what the Church has always maintained.

But what would be the point? Either a religion's core teachings are truthful and valid or they aren't!

If one is a genuine Buddhist (or Christian or Muslim or Jew or Scientologist), and the price or earning your respect is to abandon all that's sacred to us, guess what? NOBODY wants or needs your respect that badly.

And if you're an ordinary Village Atheist atheist (which you plainly are), why sift through mountains of manure in hopes of finding one tiny kernel of wisdom in ANY religion's traditions? You're NOT a Buddhist. Stop pretending you are! The one and only benefit I can see in atheism is thta, if nothing else, you have more free time on Sundays than we religious folks do. So, sleep late! Or go fishing! Or read the Sunday papers! Stop wasting time on creeds you can never share.

Perhaps you understand the

Perhaps you understand the Catholicism that you claim to follow, but you definitely do not understand very much at all about Buddhism ... so maybe you should stop denigrating those of us who (1) do, and who, (2) after diligently studying this particular philosophical and practice tradition, have been impressed by the numerous correspondences with science in general - and with biology in particular - that are present. I gather from your repeated outbursts that you are upset that such correspondences exist and - perhaps even more - that they become apparent specifically after deleting the mumbo-jumbo and abracadabra that many people have, regrettably, chosen to add to Buddhism. Et tu, Catholicism?

nlp in delhi

Sumant kant kaul is the Founder of International Healing Foundation and International Healing Foundation and has been teaching and learning this art in Japan, Australia, sydney , Brisbane,Gold Coast, New zealand , AUCKLAND,He has been to London many times over teaching various facets of theta healing,past life regression, clinical hypnosis, life between live hypnotherapy ,law of attraction and law of karma leading to healing of cancer, smoke cessation , having a most

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David P. Barash, Ph.D., is an evolutionary biologist and professor of psychology at the University of Washington.


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