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The Psychoanalytic Fair

An important event for shrink wannabees.

Considering a career in psychoanalysis? If so you’d be well served to attend the Psychoanalytic Fair at Teachers College at Columbia University on Saturday, February 8th. The Psychoanalytic Fair was created to disseminate information on the various types of psychoanalytic training available in the NYC metro area, and will be a vehicle to inspire potential psychoanalysts to enter the field and to promote psychoanalytic thought. The field of psychoanalysis has had more than its of internal squabbles over the last century and change, making this gathering of more than two dozen institutes unprecedented. The Psychoanalytic Fair will bring together area psychoanalytic institutes under one roof to provide detailed information about their training programs. Interested students and the public at large will be able to conveniently collect this diverse information in one place. Participating institutes will provide brochures and will have representatives to answer questions. In addition, a dynamic panel discussion with prominent psychoanalysts will showcase diverse viewpoints around a central theme. What is the relevance of psychoanalysis in the 21st century? What is the role of psychoanalytic training in the shifting landscape of mental health care? Are there points of commonality across psychoanalytic orientations? What kind of person is a psychoanalyst or how do they become the person through which they can affect others? What is psychoanalytic training? Such questions will be addressed to help attendees decide whether they want to enter what Janet Malcolm called in 1981 “the impossible profession.” Find out more at

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Lawrence R. Samuel, Ph.D., is an American cultural historian who holds a Ph.D. in American Studies and was a Smithsonian Institution Fellow.


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