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Did the Economy Affect Suicide?

Suicide rates rose at the same time as the economy began to suffer in 2008. But what we do with that information is more important than the statistics themselves. Read More

Postponing Suicide

Personally, my financial problems stem from as early as 2008, they culminated in 2010 when I thought all hope was gone for me financially. I was suicidal to the point of planning the method and the date, only to postpone suicide because I knew that it could potentially destroy the life of others the rest of their lives. Although my financial situation is a bit brighter these days, I dare say that a good personal economy is an incentive for a person to stay alive longer.

Read my thoughts about suicide and postponing it. The proceedings will go to suicide prevention.

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For a small sum, you could help save the lives of others.

Re: postponing suicide

Thank you for your comment - I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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Elana Premack Sandler, M.S.W., M.P.H., is a public health social worker specializing in violence and injury prevention and adolescent health promotion.


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