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11 Traits That Sabotage Driven People

While my drive has been the cause of tremendous personal success, it has also been responsible for some of my biggest challenges, both at work and at home. I see this same pattern of thinking in other driven professionals. Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Thomas DeLong, describes eleven traits that can cause high achieving professionals to stall and hit a wall. Read More

Safe Risks

Some of this arises from the fact that if you take an "unsafe risk" and it fails, it can mean you don't get another chance. Driven people with a track record for success are perceived as being as good as their last failure. Fail once - game over. You're tainted and never get asked to play again. Hence, people only take safe risks.

So True!

I relate to all of these! And all of them were a factor in my burnout story. I've learned that these 11 traits are rooted in deeper fears and belief systems I held such as, 'If I ask for help, no one will respond' and 'It's not safe to have or express my needs and desires.' These traits helped me be successful but then backfired when my workaholic behaviors spiraled out of control. I had to let go of inflated self-importance, practice self-compassion, and apply mindfulness to experience calm and contentment. I am enough. :)

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