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Can Women Have It All? A New Model

Several months ago, I appeared on a national talk show to discuss the question, “Can women have it all?” As part of my prep for the show, I asked my family, friends, and followers on my social media outlets for their candid thoughts about this question. I received approximately 140 responses (both men and women), and as I looked over the answers, 5 themes appeared. Read More

There is more....

We need to add the single mom vs. married mom vs divorced mom. So many more factors and the need to address the vulnerabilities.....HAVING ENOUGH would be chapter 2 on this article.Please also address the impact of the economic downturn, Please take on the "happiness" dialogue for the above groups so the "posi" people are satisfied. The complexities just keep going.

Truly can women have enough and keep it going for 20 plus years? so many questions. Good luck.

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