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How To Break Your Sugar Addiction

Are you addicted to sugary treats and snacks? Do you keep promising yourself that you'll cut down or stop, but find you just can't seem to keep that promise? Learn about what's going on in your mind and body that keeps you hooked, and what can help you finally break the sugar habit. Read More

How to break your sugar addiction

I chose this article because I have the same struggle, and at time I seem to manage it well but at other times I kind of struggle. There wasn't anything new out of all that was said; the point is doing those things or obeying those rules. It is one thing knowing it and another doing it. I am just grateful for the information because it is like a reminder, another wake up call

I'm an Addicted!!

I read stuff like this all the time. I know I need to stop but can't. I've tried over and over again but can't kick. Last year, I lost 35 pounds or so and was only 89 pounds away from my goal, today I need to lose 151 pounds to reach my goal!!! I can eat til I'm sick, but will do it again and again. I can get cut, but that's not teaching or training me how to eat for life!

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