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Men Have Hormones Too

Guys love to talk about women acting emotionally irrational because of their hormones, but men have hormones too. And while men’s hormones don’t vary in a monthly cyclical way, their hormonal irrationality can be just as predictable. Read More

Fantastic article for both

Fantastic article for both men and women! My girlfriend has mentioned this a few times and it is good to have some verification and deeper understanding of some of my behavior patterns from a certified expert... Also, it does, as the article mentions, help me understand the hormonal process of my girlfriend and women in general a little more. I like how it posits both as normal.

Just a tiny nitpick.

"We all experience other people’s changes in hormones as “irrational moods” but we experience our own hormonal changes simply as “reality”."

Not really. A lot of women are very much aware of how irrationally they are feeling in the middle of PMS (or during pregnancy). It's not even uncommon to have some of them express downright annoyance and frustration at the way they *know* they are just PMSing but they still can't help feeling crappy.

Still, I enjoyed this article, especially for correcting that misbelief I had and that you mention: that testosterone leads to aggression. It makes much more sense indeed the other way around! Thank you for the informative article. Now to remember this when dealing with actual men... :P

That's a great insight. Maybe

That's a great insight. Maybe women (in general) are more capable of seperating their emotions from themselves. They can step back and reflect - probably because they were taught to as children - and see that what they are feeling isn't a "call to action"(reactive) - its a temperature gauage (responsive).

Boys aren't taught to understand or reflect on their emotions but to ignore them. When we are unaware of something it is that much easier for the unknown to control us (reactive)

those who are taught to step back from their emotions and reflect on them have a better ability as adults to respond to emotional situations instead of reacting, which lacks reflection.

Kids need to be taught the levels of emotionalism. They need to be taught that there is a difference between empathetic emotion and personal emotion and hormonal emotion. emotions are simply your body reacting to stimuli and kids need to be taught just because your body is reacting to something doesn't mean you must physically react in accordance to it.

I wish there were more articles talking about testosterone and aggression because currently we are treating the effect as the cause and therefore "men can't help but be aggressive - its in their blood" - when the truth is (which you can see when learning about other cultures, especially ones that are not male dominated)Cultures where violence and aggression are not allowed and are discouraged and shamed (whereas in america it is looked on with pride (if you are male) disdan (if female)- creating a great unbalance between the sexes, by I digress)are populated by men with lower testosterone than cultures that promote violence (America - Where violence is honored: collecting guns, knives, grenades- Where wrestling, boxing and ultimate fighting bring in millions in profit - where the highest grossing games and movies are violent)

But because we confuse cause and effect we think that there is nothing that can be done about violence because it is a product of testosterone and not the product of our culture.
We give men liscense to be violent because we tell ourselves "they can't help themselves" when really it's culture's acceptance of it that allows the violence to happen - not men's natural urge.

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Alex Korb, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral researcher at UCLA and scientific consultant for BrainSonix Inc. 


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