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If You Don’t Pray Properly, Can God Hear You?

Teaching children how to pray may have unintended consequences. Read More

It's all very silly...

It's all very silly if you ask me. Glenn

god is not there

God can't hear your prayers because there is no god. There is no such thing as god. There is only us an we have to try harder to teach our children to be kind, get along and be better stewards (to use god terminology) of the earth.

Thinking is Prayer

Our thoughts are directly connected to source energy / universal power / God. It's our thoughts that help us shape our destiny, invite happiness, peace ad prosperity in our life and you know what 'God is always Listening'.

So go right ahead and think positive thoughts, thoughts that will make us love life. Conscious thinking is the best prayer in my opinion


Prayer rituals may cause people to be less confident that God actually is all knowing - this is one view. However, although god knows it all, prayer is a way we tell him about our wish. This conveys that expressing what is within is essential, whether through mouth or in mind. This is because that shows one is serious about them. Otherwise, we would simply sit back and take it for granted that god knows it all and he will do the needful.

Well, even God wishes us to express (say) what we want. This is the significance of expressing.

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