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'Near' Death Experience

Have you experienced someone else's death or dying?

As you may, or may not know, I recently posted on the dying and death of my father. Now in mourning, and trying to understand what this process means for me (and others), I would like to begin a discussion...a simple one perhaps, but maybe not.

I have a simple question for you. Have you had a 'near death experience', or NDE? And by this, I do not mean the conventional use of the term which is associated with coming close to your own death. I mean, have you witnessed someone else's dying or death? Perhaps someone very close, or perhaps someone you knew only casually or not at all?

I am hoping you will feel comfortable sharing and I in turn will embrace your responses and share them back with you at some time in the near future, as I look through the psychological literature, my own thoughts and feelings, and your own shared experiences.

Lawrence Rubin, psychologist and counseling professor, is co-author with psychiatrist Mike Brody of Messages: Self Help Through Popular Culture.


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