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America, It's Your Turn to Blog-tificate on Popular Culture

The Most Important Popular Culture Blog Topic Ever

Maybe not the most important blog ever, but certainly the most meaningful, because it is about you..I do shamefully confess that I put the image of Chuckie up to grab your attention...image

I am privileged to be a Psych Today Blogger. I have found the experience wonderfully stimulating. With each posting, I have had the opportunity to explore fascinating, challenging, topical and entertaining ideas and experiences. And from time to time, readers post equally stimulating and thought-provoking responses. 

But, therein lies the rub.  These have been my thoughts and experiences, not yours. And although I blog about popular culture (which is created and lived by us) and psychology (which is about us), these are the lone meanderings of a pop-culture-meets-psychology junkie.

I would love the opportunity to explore and blog-tificate on topics that are of interest to you in the course of your daily life-an advertisement, a tv/movie/news personality, a song, an object of daily consumption, something on the Net.

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Lawrence Rubin, psychologist and counseling professor, is co-author with psychiatrist Mike Brody of Messages: Self Help Through Popular Culture.


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