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Philip Seymour Hoffman and the Russian Roulette of Relapse

When Mr. Hoffman took heroin for the first time in 23 years he was, in effect, playing Russian roulette. No amount of time away from the addictive substance is enough to erase the addiction. Addiction can be treated but it cannot be cured. It’s not okay to have a relapse, but if you have a relapse it’s okay to come back into recovery. Read More


He didn't quit drugs.

He would binge drink and smoked.

Simply, he was an unmedicated Bipolar.

hashtag AA propaganda

hashtag AA propaganda

"Heroine"? He was addicted to

"Heroine"? He was addicted to wonder women?

Philip Seymour Hoffman

As a relapsed heroin user who also really likes a drink, I'm SO fed up with nobody mentioning the real elephant in the room: Prohibition. I've examined my problem many times. Once upon a time, between ages 14 - 19, I could take or leave heroin, I really could because, I was never afraid of running out. Then, I abstained for nearly 20 years. I then used again (I'm a smoker with a serious needle phobia) and bam!! Just like the article said. Only, this time I'm an addict because I've got all these adult responsibilities, heroin allows me space, time, and a feelgood factor I get nowhere else. Problem? Consistently clean supply. Thank goodness for my needle phobia or thanks to Prohibition, I'd be dead or pretty close to it by now after using for nearly 6 years now.
God Bless Hoffmans kids. He clearly adored them.

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