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What in the world has Psychology to do with Architecture and vice versa?

To see yourself as happiness challenged overcomes depression.

Are You at risk of being happiness challenged?

Some human persons wake up in the morning facing a significant probability of becoming happiness challenged.  The most severe risk-factor is using the term "depressed" to describe themselves to themselves.  If hey direct such negative energies against their self-esteem, the damage is done, and they are over the edge.  Remember to post a note on your right eye-lid:  "I will never say to myself that I am depressed!"  That done, you will face each day afresh and with new-found vigor.  Such is the Power of Positive Thinking! Perception = Reality. Be your own Impression Manager!

Ah!  But what if you read the note!  You wil see That Word!!

OK. Just write on the note:  Happiness Is In The Eye Of The Beholder.

Joseph Juhász is an environmental psychologist who is professor of architecture and environmental design at the University of Colorado.


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