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One Man's Personal Battle with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Appreciation & ADD

ADD'ers can tend to get hyperfocused on the wrong result

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Appreciation is huge when it comes to ADD. Every person, if they admit it or not, wants to be appreciated. We all like that pat on the back. Have you offered that confidence building pat to anyone lately? Appreciation works both ways, we need to appreciate what we have in our lives as well.

It helps to create an awareness of our surroundings. For many ADD'ers, their thought process can get caught up in things, or situations that draw their focus and concentration away from the task at hand. When drawn away from that task, ADD'ers can tend to get hyperfocused on the wrong result. Stepping back, appreciating what surrounds you and acknowledging it helps with keeping those thoughts on track and maintaining focus. I have programmed a reminder into my Outlook calendar and Blackberry to pop up every day asking me, "what 2 things do I appreciate today"? What do you appreciate?


Jeff Hamilton writes about the challenges of living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).


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