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ADD Goal Setting In 2011

A scattered approach to achieving your goals is rarely successful

As I do every year in January, it's time to think about what my goals are for 2011 and put the plans into action in order to achieve my goals. It's important for ADD'ers to plan for succeeding in the many aspects of their lives. Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn this vision into YOUR reality. As we all know, some ADD'ers are challenged with the process of organizing themselves with a clear thought process, that scattered mind as it is referred to.

A scattered approach to achieving your goals is rarely successful, so we all need to figure out how we are impacted by ADD and create a strategy regarding how we manage ourselves in setting and achieving goals. I set goals in 9 areas of my life;
- Financial
- Career
- Parenting
- Giving
- Health
- Friends & Family
- Significant Other
- Personal Growth
- Fun & Recreation

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Each area can include multiple goals or maybe just one, that's up to you. I achieve great results by setting goals and have managed a balanced approach to achieving what I want out of life. Good luck to you and I hope you achieve your goals in 2011.


Jeff Hamilton writes about the challenges of living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).


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