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One Man's Personal Battle with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Tips On Managing ADD/ADHD

It's helped me a lot, try these 35 tips on managing ADD/ADHD

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Managing ADD/ADHD and learning to correct and improve the situation is a lot of work, don't think it isn't. I've worked hard at doing so since 2003 and am proud of what I have accomplished. Having said that, the work never stops and we must continue. The good news is, ADD/ADHD can be managed, we can learn new skills and our brains will retain these learning's.

With that, I wanted to offer some tips regarding what I have found to be effective for me, in learning to manage ADD. I hope you will find these tips helpful. It's a quick 6 page mini eBook. Download at http://pillsdontteachskills.com/35-free-tips/


Jeff Hamilton writes about the challenges of living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).


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