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Patience is an ADD Learning Opportunity

Slowing down your thoughts, not rushing or forcing an outcome

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I've posted numerous times about patience. Many ADD'ers are challenged by a lack of patience.....wanting to rush into something spontaneously and replying too quickly are a couple good examples. I was reminded last week during one of my coaching sessions about taking patience and turning it into a learning experience. So, I'd like to challenge you this week. When you are confronted by patience in any situation, try and take a step back and ask yourself; how and what can I learn by exercising more patience here?

The answer may be simple. The answer may take some time to figure out. The process is about slowing down your thoughts, not rushing or forcing an outcome and thinking about what that end result should be, versus what it would have been if you did not exercise patience. How are you going to exercise some patience this week and turn it into a learning experience? Please let me know.


Jeff Hamilton writes about the challenges of living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).


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