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Why Life Is Better When You Stop Trying to Do It All

Big resentment follows when we think we should be able to do everything Read More

If you are going to write for

If you are going to write for a magazine, you really SHOULD edit your post!

someday, I told my lecturer

someday, I told my lecturer that I difficult to sleep at night.. he said that I always push my self to do everything perfectly. In the future, I change that habit but it harm my achievement,, I think, I'm nothing now...

Thank you

You could have written this for me.

The "Perfect" Antidote

Great article, I couldn't agree more. When we stop the blind pursuit of societal definitions of "Success" and "Perfection" we might just realize when "Good" is good enough and end up finding happiness along the way. I wrote a book on this called The "Perfect" Antidote: Why Greatness is Overrated. Check it out:


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