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Are We All Addicted to Something?

Can the term “addiction” be stretched too far? Read More

With all due respect, but:

With all due respect, but: duh.


excuse me - but you didn't answer the implied question which is - are the majority of humans prone to some sort of addictive behavior? instead you use the majority of the article to berate anyone trivializing the idea of addiction.
if genetically humans ARE prone to be addictive - then society and professionals, like psychologists and the "justice" system should possibly look into ways of non-demonizing non-socially productive habits and instead learn to treat them not with retribution, recrimination and jailtime but by somehow possibly making them more socially acceptable.

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Peg O'Connor, Ph.D., is Professor of Philosophy and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota.


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