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Setting Limits Without Using Threats to Enforce Them

"I'm struggling with how to enforce limits without a consequence. For example, brushing teeth — she'll refuse. It's not reasonable for me to do it by force, so I tell her if she can't brush her teeth, I can't read a bedtime story to her. I do not understand how to set limits if there are no consequences." Read More

Of course it takes effort and work.

But there's the rub though, right? It takes work, patience and effort as well as changing ones mindset and many don't want to do that because not only does it take effort but many think that they will be viewed as weak or wussy for NOT resorting to violence.

Raising kids is not always a picnic and many, if not most, parents themselves were often raised under the shadow of threats, force/violence, etc and, more often than not, repeat the same things they were subjected to for no other reason than that it is easier to yell, threaten, intimidate, berate, belittle and/or hit.

Sure it takes time to change your thinking and your mode of operation but if you, the parent, are not willing to change your own mindset then why should the kids?

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Laura Markham, Ph.D., is the author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How To Stop Yelling and Start Connecting.


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