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Where Adam Lanza Might Have Found Compassion

“A child needs your love most when he deserves it the least,” wrote the columnist Erma Bombeck, yet I was curious how she might have reacted to a Mendota inmate I’ll call Brandon: a plump, freckled, red-haired sex-offender of 14, with pale-lashed, narrow blue eyes. He wound up at Mendota with a long rap sheet, including charges that he’d assaulted an employee at school... Read More

But what happened to "Brandon"?

Interesting start, but the article ends without explaining if any of this extra therapy actually helped him (or any of the other patients) to become a happy, healthy and functioning member of society...

I would like to know the

I would like to know the percentage of how many people who were released have not recommitted a crime. Also was there only a psychiatrist there? Those with anti social traits tend not to be helped with drugs but more with insight in how they ended up that way. Article seems a little to full a crap if ya ask me.

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