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7 Reasons Why People Use Passive Aggressive Behavior

In the short term, passive aggressive behaviors can be more convenient than confrontation and generally require less skill than assertiveness. They allow a person to exact revenge from behind the safety of plausible excuses and to sit on the sofa all weekend long rather than complete a list of undesirable chores. So, what’s not to love? Read More

Superb article.

As a person who is no friend to what I refer to as the " pseudo intellectuals " thisvarticlevwas great. Simple to the point. I have had problems with passive aggression for quite dome time.

However I will have to disagree that children are not born with the ability to be assertive. In fact children are very direct when it comes to expressing tier needs.

It is only after a child is repeatedly frustrated or verbally abused that a child looses that spontinaity.

As a child I never had a problem expressing what I wanted. As an adult I changed. I became withdrawn and shy. I felt weak in the presence of others . I felt that if I expressed myself some how I might get hurt.

How does your judgement relate to this article?7

I wonder what behaviors rate being judged as a "pseudo intellectual", or how your friendships with people you judge as such relate to this article? Do I have license to judge you as "semi interesting"?

"It is only after a child is

"It is only after a child is repeatedly frustrated or verbally abused that a child looses that spontinaity."

Very interesting insight, Chris. I hope you haven't stayed reserved and shy. I've had a similar experience, but I'm slowly learning to be more assertive and to cut people out of my life if all they do is act as energy vampires. :)

Good article

Good article. I liked it too.

Who is gaslighting whom?

It's not that simple. I'm frankly intimidated by my sister. When she tramples over my boundaries and then claims ignorance, I withdraw instead of assert myself (standing up for myself is like a red rag to a bull and I don't have the energy to stand my ground in the face of her bad temper). Then, after I've withdrawn, she claims I'm passive aggressive. I feel I don't have agency in the relationship. When I see her I'm regularly reminded of my faults and flaws for my own good, and treated rudely, and if I stay away I'm described as passive aggressive.
Why is it that the party who is prepared to get angriest or most confrontational is the one who sets the standard of interaction? What if I just simply don't want to assert myself as hard as I would have to?
I have been thinking that my sister practices distancing behaviour. If so, while I'm very sorry for her, she needs to look into her own behaviour a bit further. Being able to blame me for not being as assertive as she is, and pathologizing my withdrawal, only obscures the other issues and doesn't help anyone.

So true Barbara!

In my opinion this article is simplistic. Every relationship is an interaction between 2 people, not just one.

If one person makes a request, is the other person free to say No? If they are NOT free to authentically express themselves, then they are forced to go emotionally underground with that person.

It's not always the one who appears 'passive-aggressive' that is the problem. Look at the one crashing the other person's boundaries and leaving them no personal space to make their own choices in whatever situation. Passive-aggression may be the only territory the other person allows you to have. Or, one can simply exit the relationship. Those are the only 2 choices some people give you.

Excellent article!

Excellent article! Passive-aggression is so attractive to people who feel angry and/or jealous. People who practice it delude themselves into thinking they're "winning," when they're just destroying the relationship. Nobody wins.

its a good one nice written

its a good one nice written by the author..

here are some more about it,

A coping mechanism

I am extremely passive-aggressive. It started off in youth, as a coping mechanism because my parents would tell me how "disgusting" it was when small children acted angry or badly in their dealings with others. It made me feel very repulsive whenever I expressed a negative emotion. Then I realized that most people disliked others who expressed negative emotions.

Now whenever I encounter people who I feel deserve my aggression, I manipulate them. Since I have been doing so from childhood, it is easy to make them feel angry, sad or confused. If they were an especially hard nut to crack, I would just sabotage them through others. It's my way of getting back at people without being seen as repulsive or guilty. Sometimes life is tough, and you can either sit down and take it or decide to fight back. Passive aggression is a tool to cope in life, and it works.

And no, I'm not a sociopath.

Wow! What an amazing admission!

Wow! What an amazing admission! I'm wondering how you know you're reading people correctly when you decide they deserve punishment? Are you careful whom you harm?
And out of curiosity, I ask, with respect, do you express positive emotions whether you feel them or not (since they are the acceptable emotions to express)? Do you thoroughly hide your true nature with a cheerful, co-operative facade? Have you ever been caught?

I am excellent at reading

I am excellent at reading people correctly, that's why it's so easy to manipulate them. Once you understand how a person ticks, you can make them do anything.

I am not too concerned about being 'careful' when I control people. Most people deserve it because they are weak of mind, which is the reason they can be manipulated in the first place. Not that I manipulate just anyone, only if they did something to deserve it.

I do express positive emotion often as people respond better to influence when the person displays friendly characteristics. So yes, I can be cheerful and co-operative if it serves a purpose.

Lastly, no, I have never been caught. That's the best part about passive-aggression. The recipient cannot comprehend how they are being affected. This is for 2 reasons:

1) The passive aggressive person has not been outwardly negative or aggressive. This confuses the person into believing that the result was a product of natural consequence.

2) On the off-chance of suspicion, the person cannot prove any misdeed on my part, as all actions can easily be rationalized as well-meaning or unintentional.

Thanks for that. Perhaps you'd answer another question?

Thanks for that. Perhaps you'd answer another question? Do you equate "weak of mind" with a nature that is co-operative and agreeable, or less intellectually gifted? I imagine either personality would be easier to manipulate?

I know a couple of people who do what you do. They are perfect pillars of their communities, and (almost) universally loved. I see what they do, however, and they have both done it to me. Someone's doing it now, in fact. She has tried and failed to provoke me, and being able to see through her machinations makes them curious and interesting rather than hurtful, but she might be able to rouse the community (if I make a mistake) or gaslight me. She's still putting out feelers and testing me. And poisoning my relationships, or trying to. So interesting.

May I ask why you don't think this is sociopathy? It seems more comprehensive than passive aggression.

'Weak of mind' includes (but

'Weak of mind' includes (but is not limited to):

1)An individual who lacks the ability to determine their own position and thus looks to others to bolster their sense of self-worth. This is usually because of their poor self-image and/or insecurities that others will dislike them. This results in 'co-operation' which is one of the factors you intuitively realized. This may be because you are highly co-operative yourself. These types of people usually say, "I'll do it if it will make you like me."

2)An individual who lacks judgement of an adequate nature, and so happily resolves to allowing other individuals to set a status quo for them to follow. This is usually because they do not understand what they are doing and do not trust themselves to make their own decisions. This results in the 'agreeable' factor you also mentioned. These people often say, "I'll do it if you think it's right."

3)A culmination of points 1 and 2 is a common example of an individual who deserves any manipulation that resulted from their stupidity(for lack of a better word). Yes, you are getting good at this, that was the 3rd factor you mentioned, the 'less intellectually gifted' individual. These people often say, "How did I end up being buried alive in this 50 m deep grave?"

The last point was not meant to be taken too literally. I am not a sociopath because I am a psychopath, and their is an obvious difference.

That may have been me having a go at you...

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